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Superb quality jewellery made to the highest possible standards. Our diamonds are perfectly cut to maximise their fire and beauty. We offer unique and timeless designs that will leave you in awe.

Streets is an independent Jewellers which opened in Teddington High Street in May 2023.  Paul Street, the owner, is an independent, highly experienced, and talented goldsmith with 25 years of industry experience.  He served his apprenticeship under Laurence Nichols, the previous business owner and highly recognised goldsmith.


Streets Specialise in hand-made and high-quality jewellery, GIA Certificated Diamonds and fine Gemstones. the shop stocks a diverse range of traditional and modern pieces in Platinum, Gold, and Silver, each hand-made or hand-selected.


Kath is Paul’s colleague and has worked within the industry for over 15 years. Previously employed by Laurence, Kath is supporting Paul through this new chapter.

About Us

Our bespoke creations are the perfect choice for those seeking a truly unique piece of jewellery. Handmade and luxurious, our artful designs will make lasting impressions. Created with care and precision, ensuring that every detail is just right. Experience the impressive elegance of our luxury pieces.

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Bespoke Jewellery
Streets Jewellers Bespoke Jewellery

Diamonds are an incredibly durable choice for an engagement ring due to their hard and withstanding nature, meaning they are enjoyed for years to come, so your story can be shared forever.

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Diamond Engagement Rings
Streets Jewellers Diamond Engagement Rings

Celebrating all love, always. At Streets Jewellers, we welcome you and all members of the LGBTQ+ community to create engagement rings, wedding rings and commitment jewellery that works for you.

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LGBTQ+ Engagement Rings
Streets Jewellers LGBTQ+Engagement


Paul repaired my mum’s engagement ring, set a new diamond in it and remoulded the very worn band. It looks absolutely fabulous. I can wear it with pride now and my late mum would be delighted. Paul is always so helpful and courteous, a wonderful establishment with beautiful unique pieces of jewellery, I highly recommend it.

Engagement rings unite two partners in love, encapsulating your love memoir in a piece of jewellery so it lives on to tell its story for generations beyond. With such a meaningful message to declare, choosing the right engagement ring is paramount. Gemstone engagement rings tick all the boxes: astonishingly beautiful, charismatic in appearance and precious in every way.

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Gemstone Engagement Rings
Streets Jewellers Gemstone Engagement Rings

Celebrate your love with our stunning collection of Wedding Rings. Our rings are meticulously crafted with exquisite attention to detail, symbolising love that is nothing less than perfection. 

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Wedding Rings
Streets Jewellers edding Rings
  • Hand-made and Bespoke Jewellery

  • Repairs, Alterations, Refinishing, and Resizing

  • Antique Jewellery Restoration

  • Pearl Bead Restringing

  • Watch Strap and Battery Replacement

  • Insurance Estimates

  • Valuations (By Appointment Only)

Streets Jewellers Services
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