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Ethical & Conflict Free Diamonds

Ethical diamonds

Ethical Diamonds are diamonds extracted under humane mining practices and conditions. Miners are paid fair wages, work in safe conditions, and are not harmed and are assured their human rights are uncompromised while sourcing diamonds.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Conflict-free diamonds are mined in areas that are controlled by recognised governments and are not used to fund wars. Procedures such as the Kimberly Process make it more difficult to sell and circulate conflict diamonds.

Conflict Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are those that are mined in war zones. They are then sold to finance the war. Conflict diamonds often have the stigma of poor working conditions and may even use child labour.

Streets Jewellers only use ethically sourced diamonds. We have a duty to ensure our customers that diamonds sold by us have no negative impact on any human whatsoever.

Ethical & Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade Gold is the world's first independent ethical certification system for gold. The Fairtrade Gold Standards include strict requirements on working conditions, health and safety, handling chemicals, women’s rights, child labour and protection of the environment.

Fairtrade Gold makes a real difference to miners' lives, families, and communities. Buying Fairtrade Gold means you know the small-scale and artisanal miners were paid a fair price, giving them financial security. They also receive an extra amount of money to invest in building the future of their families and their communities through education, clean water and healthcare.

Why offer your customers Fairtrade Gold?

  • Because it’s traceable - Fairtrade Gold is a simple, flexible and cost-effective way to source the gold you need responsibly and with traceability

  • Because it shows your customers that you’re committed - Fairtrade Gold shows your customers your commitment to supporting artisanal and small-scale miners to build a brighter future for their communities.

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