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  • Featuring a single stone, solitaire engagement rings are the most traditional and enduring choice of engagement ring. Streets offer a range of popular designs, featuring a variety of metals and stone cuts, all luxurious in their own way. Simple sophistication and timeless style make them a suitor for traditional brides as it joins them on their journey through married life.

  • The trilogy ring, also known as a trinity ring or three-stone ring, features three dazzling diamonds together,  symbolising the past, present and future.

    Streets offer a choice of stunning diamond trilogy rings on a variety of precious metals, and a range of settings to highlight the formation of your trio of diamonds. It is worth mentioning different shapes on the shoulders - pear shapes, trapeze, trillion as well as brilliant cut.

  • Maximise glamour and impact with a diamond halo engagement ring. Streets offer a selection of halo rings which have been conscientiously crafted to exhibit the central diamond in the most captivating way. Alongside traditional halo style rings Streets offer a range of unique and contemporary designs - whether you decide to choose a plain band, split band or diamond pave band, for extra sparkle.

  • Coloured diamond, or Fancy Colour Diamond engagement rings are stunning and incredibly eye-catching. Coloured diamonds are extremely precious and available in a choice of beautiful colours for you to choose from. They expose character and create a wonderful sense of charisma in your chosen ring. 

  • Streets are part of this new direction in the jewellery world. Alongside our beautiful and precious natural diamonds, we are delighted to present their lab-originated counterparts. Any one of our existing engagement ring designs can be customised with a lab-grown diamond centre stone. You can choose your perfect lab diamond- its cut, carat, clarity and colour - exactly like their natural counterparts.

Diamond Engagement Rings

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